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About Us

We are The Game Show Company and well, we organize and run game shows, duh ! More precisely, We Offer Exciting, Fast-Paced, and Fun TV Game Shows that will provide excitement and fun entertainment at your event. This unique entertainment features all the Glamour, Glitz, and Pizzazz of a TV game show production right at your event. Book Us for any kind of event  whether it is a Night Club Event, Corporate Event, Convention, Trade Show, Private Party, Charity Event, and more. Watch your guests’ faces light up in excitement and hear their laughter and cheers as they play Action-Packed Games inspired by your favorite TV game shows such as Family Feud, Jeopardy, The Newlywed Game and more. Book your event or check our website for hosted venues where anybody can come and play.

Serving Frontenac, Lanark, Lennox , Addington and Leeds counties.

Our Game Lineup

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How to Organize Family Feud Game Show
Book Gold Mine Game Show
Book Gold Mine Game Show
Book JEPARODY Game Show
Book Beat the Clock Game Show

Each game show includes:

  • A complete game show set.
  • A charismatic host that will keep your guests thoroughly entertained, engaged, and laughing.
  • A technical game show operator to run the software and keep track of scores.
  • Game show consoles with digital display scoring and buzzers.
  • Game console microphones.
  • PA system and Projector and 5′ screen to display the questions and answers upon request
  • The option for customizable questions and answers.
  • Shows are typically 1.5 to 2 hours long. Customization is entirely possible and formats can be longer or shorter to account for other activities.
  • Complete the form to book your event or receive information about specific game show options and learn how we can customize the questions to suit your company and industry.


or give us a call 343.303.5456