Feuding Families 

Are you ready for the most popular game show of all time? Survey says… YES! Feuding Families is a rendition of the popular TV game show, Family Feud.

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Feuding Families Format

Feuding Families is comprised of two(2) components: Round Play and The Fast Money Round. Depending on the number of teams (known as families) that are entered Round Play consists of 7 – 12 games. One(1) game of Feuding Families is made up of two(2) rounds of play with two(2) families competing. Round Play will be a single elimination format. That is, the loser of each match-up will be eliminated from competing in subsequent games. Ties will be broken in a sudden death face-off round. The team that wins Round Play will compete in the Fast Money Bonus Round.

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Full game rules below.

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Feuding Family Game Rules

Round Play
  1. Game will be played with two(2) families with each family consisting of four(4) players.
  2. For the start of each round, the teams will designate one contestant to face-off against a contestant from the other team.
  3. A question will be revealed and read. The first contestant to buzz in gets a chance to answer the question. If the contestant’s answer is the number 1 answer on the list of possible answers, then that family can control the round. Controlling the round means to choose whether to play the question out or give it to the other family. If the answer is not the number 1 answer then the opposing face-off contestant is allowed to answer the question. The opposing player controls the round only if their answer is a more popular answer than the one provided by the contestant that buzzed in. Otherwise, the contestant that buzzed in controls the round. After buzzing in, if a player fails to give an answer or fails to provide an answer quickly(as determined by the emcee) they relinquish control of the board to the opposing player. If either face-off players provide answers that are not on the board the next player in line, following the face-off players, will be asked to provide an answer to the question starting with the team that buzzed in first.
  4. The family that play the question must get all of the possible answers while only getting two or fewer incorrect answers (also called strikes) in the process. Players on the controlling team take equal turns guessing the answers to the question. Players cannot help each other in answering the question. If a player fails to give an answer or fails to provide an answer quickly(as determined by the emcee) a strike is recorded. If they succeed in doing this, then they get all of the points available for that round. Three(3)strikes allow the other team a chance to steal the points from the answers that have already been revealed. The opponent team has one chance to guess an answer collectively, and if it is on the list, then they get the points for their answer plus all of the points from the answers that have been revealed by the other family. If their guess is incorrect, then the original family gets points for all of the answers that they answered correctly prior to getting three strikes. 
The Fast Money Round
  1. The team that wins Round Play will compete in The Fast Money Round.
  2. Two family members play this round. One family member stays with the host while the other disappears backstage. The first contestant is given 20 seconds to answer five survey questions, which are scored by how many people gave that same response in the survey.
  3. After the first player’s scores are revealed and tallied, they are covered up, and the second family member comes out to play. The questions are the same, but this time the player gets 25 seconds to complete the round, and if an answer is repeated the contestant hears a buzzer and is asked to give another response. If the combined scores of both team members are more than 200, the family wins the grand prize.