“What is Jeparody ?”

Our version of the classic game show, Jeopardy.  The longest running TV game show in US history with over 9900+ episodes.  The game show that has been parodied on TV sitcoms, host to celebrity contestants and the first game to inspire the creation of a quiz game computer to compete against humans.  



Jeparody is comprised of two(2) components: Round Play and Final Jeparody. Depending on the number of people that have entered there could be up to six(6) round plays with four(4) different people participating in each round. Round play will consist of two games: Single and Double Jeparody. The individuals that win round play will be invited back to compete in the Final Jeparody round. Ties will be broken by playing a Final Jeparody round. If necessary, contestant seeding, will also be determined by a Final Jeparody round.

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Full game rules below.

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Jeparody Game Rules

Round Play

1. Two(2) games are played per round. Single Jeparody followed by Double Jeparody. Each round is complete when all clues have been given in each game or twenty(20) minutes have elapsed. Whichever comes first.
2. Round play will be played with four(4) players.
3. The player closest to the MC chooses the first question, specifying the category and dollar amount (eg. Punk Rockers for $400 please.) Dollar amounts are used for score keeping purposes ONLY and have no monetary value.
4. The MC reads the entire clue selected after which the contestants race to be the first to answer. Contestants must give their response in the form of a question (eg. Who is Billy Idol ?).  Contestants must provide an answer within seven(7) seconds after ringing in.  Failure to do so will be interpreted as an incorrect answer.
5. If the response is correct, the contestant receives the corresponding amount of money.
6. If the response in incorrect, the other contestants can now race to offer their responses. This process is repeated until a correct response is given, or until all contestants have given incorrect responses or have passed. The MC then fines all players who have given the incorrect responses and shares the correct reply.
7. The contestant with the correct reply chooses the next clue. If no player replied correctly, the contestant with the least amount of money chooses the next clue. Single Jeparody, is complete when all 30 clues have been given or 20 minutes have elapsed. Whichever comes first.
8. The second game, Double Jeparody follows Single Jeparody immediately. Double Jeparody is played the same way as Single Jeparody except that the dollar values are doubled.  The contestant with the least amount of money at the end of the Single Jeparody round makes the first selection in the Double Jeparody round.
9. DAILY DOUBLE. The Daily Double is a randomly chosen clue on the board that has no dollar amount assigned. Instead, the player can wager any part of their score before the clue is read. If they are right, they add the wager to their score. If not, they lose the wager. Single Jeparody will have one(1) Daily Double and Double Jeparody will have two(2) Daily Doubles.
10. The contestant with highest score (largest dollar amount) after Single and Double Jeparody will be declared the winner and is the only player eligible for the Final Jeparody round.

Final Jeparody Round
  1. The winners from each of the round plays will be the only contestants eligible for the Final Jeparody round.
  2. Final Jeparody involves one clue.  Once the MC announces the category the contestants then decide how much they are going to wager and must write down this amount on the card provided before the clue is read.  The contestant cannot wager more money than they have.
  3. After the clue is read, the MC gives the contestant thirty(30) seconds to write down their reply on the card provided in the form of a question.
  4. Starting with the contestant with the least amount of money, contestants reveal their questions and wagers and are awarded or penalized according to the correctness of their response
  5. The contestant with the most money at the end of the Final Jeparody round is the grand prize winner.