Dinner and a Fundraiser Game Show


About Dinner and a Game Show

The Game Show Company and the Renaissance Event Venue have partnered up to create a unique fundraising event, Dinner and a Game Show.

It is the not so standard Dinner and Show evening with the show being an evening of playing Jeparody or Feuding Families.  Our renditions of the popular game shows Jeopardy and Family Feud, respectively. Book your Fund Raising Game Show Now with The Game Show Company.

What you will need to do

  • Promote the event and sell tickets
  • Ensure a number of people are committed to participate in the game
  • Ensure a minimum of 50 people will attend
  • Provide a prize for the game winner

What we will do

  • Organize the entire evening
  • Advertise the event on our website and on social media
  • Donate 20% – 25% of the revenue from ticket sales to your organization
  • Collect money.  Tickets are purchased on line through our website
Cool Way to Raise Money

Dinner and a Game Show Checklist

Decide Event Date

Decide on when…

Select a date you want to host your event. We would suggest presenting us with three(3) dates and we will reply back with availability. 

Select Meal for Event

Select the meal

We offer two(2) choices.

Pick a Game Show

Choose from Feuding Families and Jeparody.  Our renditions of the popular game shows, Family Feud and Jeopardy, respectively.  This unique entertainment features all the glamour, glitz, and pizazz of a TV game show production.  

Be Creative in Fundraising Event

Be Creative !

Add a silent auction or a draw to help you BRING IN MORE CASH. This one’s on you to organize. A little more work but these extras could really put you over the top.

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